This is not a very long book and you could probably sit and read the whole thing in about an hour. My advice is that you read a chapter or maybe two chapters and think about the content and then read that same chapter or two a second time and then put the book down. The next day, read a little more, think about it and read it again and so on. Spread the book over two or three days and soak in it rather than take a quick shower. These pauses for thought and repetition will have a much deeper effect on you than the quick blast and this will enhance the chances of you reacting to the content and perhaps behaving differently as a result. It’s much like washing your car by hand rather than putting it through the car wash, at the end you still have a clean car but the hand wash has helped you to identify blemishes and other areas of detail that you might not otherwise have noticed and that you may want to fix.

Furthermore if someone in the future asks you if you have read “Cultural Change Through Measurable Management” by Robin Byrne you’ll be able to reply by saying “Actually I’ve read it twice” and if nothing else, this makes me look good.

Measurable Management™ is something that I developed out of my experience as a manager with Xerox in the UK. It is delivered by a facilitator to groups of Team Leaders in all kinds of organizations and asa result change happens, cultural change and measurable improvements to whatever you’re trying to measure and improve. 

I often get asked if it’s like Lean or Six Sigma. If it were Lean, it would be skeletal and if it were Six Sigma it would be a V6 with twin turbochargers. The organizers of the 2008 Lean Summit in Tulsa Oklahoma described it as, “unnervingly simple yet powerfully effective, the missing link”. I recently visited a Measurable Management™ program being implemented within the US Air Force and heard a very seasoned Sergeant describe it as “the most effective program for making things happen that he had ever experienced”. I simply describe it as a practical vehicle for implementing strategy and delivering results.

This book is not the Measurable Management™ program it is simply an explanation of what Measurable Management™ is and how and why it works. I am confident however that there is much that you can borrow from the book and put into practice. I sincerely hope that you find it both interesting and valuable.

About the Author

Program Creator

Robin Byrne

Author of the Measurable Management Program, nominee for the 2011 United Nations Positive Peace Award. A vehicle for initiating change and translating strategy into measurable outcomes, Measurable Management is a proven approach to changing attitudes and culture within an organization. Robin is originally from the UK but is now a US permanent resident and is the Managing Partner of Measurable Management LLC as well as CEO of McQuillan-Byrne. Robin is also the author of two books "Cultural Change Through Measurable Management" and "Quality Sales Through Measurable Management".

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