Best Known Way To Manage Millennials: Influencing Behavior

Managing Millennials: Influencing Behavior

Best known way to manage a millennial staff.

Join this 36-minute webinar replay as Robin Byrne of Measurable Management walks you through what might be the most effective method of how you engage and get results from a multi-generational staff. This method has been taught to everyone from the US Air Force to American Airlines. 

Robin Byrne
Robin Byrne
Program Creator

About the instructor

Author of the Measurable Management Program, nominee for the 2011 United Nations Positive Peace Award. A vehicle for initiating change and translating strategy into measurable outcomes, Measurable Management is a proven approach to changing attitudes and culture within an organization. Robin is originally from the UK but is a US Citizen and is the Managing Partner of Measurable Management LLC as well as CEO of McQuillan-Byrne. Robin is also the author of two books "Cultural Change Through Measurable Management" and "Quality Sales Through Measurable Management".

Member, Society for Human Resource Management.

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