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Toshiba America Business Solutions (

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BCI - Dakota Division (

FireBros. Fireworks (

Shur-Co, Inc. (
The first Measurable Management® program in the United States was implemented at Shur-Co, a family owned business with 270 employees located in the community of Yankton, SD. The owner, Bill Shorma, put his total management team, 32 members including himself, through the Measurable Management® program. At the end of the six month program, Shurco's management team had implemented 93 ideas for action. These implemented ideas for action generated measurable outcomes that resulted in a $1.4 million improvement to their bottom line during the first year alone. Mr. Shorma feels strongly that Shur-Co will continue to benefit from these improvements for the years to come.

City of South Sioux City (
The first city government in the U.S. to complete the Measurable Management® program with outstanding success. During the program the employees came up with process improvements that will generate savings of over $500,000 in just the first year. The City of South Sioux City's City Administrator, Lance Hedquist, stated, "Our City council has always been business like in its approach and the city is known for its efficiencies, but as you can see we can always do better."

Building Products Inc. (
Building Products Inc. is a supplier of building materials to lumber yards across the Midwest. They buy from manufacturers and sell a complete range of building products that any construction company would need to build a home or commercial building.

The company has implemented Measurable Management® in all of their key locations in Sioux Falls, SD, Waterloo, IA, and Council Bluffs, IA.

In 2008, in a market with the number of new homes in sharp decline, numerous manufacturers have reported drops in the demand for their products as much as 30 to 50%. In this very same downward cycle, Building Products Inc. has achieved record sales and has done so without increasing costs.

What is it that has made this incredible success story possible? A survey of customers revealed that Building Products Inc. significantly outperformed their competitors in customer service. The speed, frequency and accuracy of deliveries have been a deciding factor in choosing Building Products Inc. as their preferred supplier. One customer was quoted as saying, "They are like my own personal warehouse".

Lee Schull, President of Building Products, is quick to point out that Measurable Management® has played a significant role in developing a workforce that is both customer-focused and financially aware.

Chris Fischer, the General Manager of the Sioux Falls location said, "I hear our people, on a regular basis, give credit to Measurable Management® for the improvements that they have implemented".

Building Product's results are one more example that Measurable Management® is an excellent vehicle for delivering measurable improvements and a remarkably successful approach to changing attitudes and culture within an organization.

The best consultants an organization can have already work for them. Measurable Management® facilitates that expertise into customer-focused improvements that impact the bottom line in a way that is simple, yet powerful.

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