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Measurable Management® is aimed at team leaders, supervisors, and first-line managers. The objective of the Measurable Management® Program is to develop a customer-focused culture that will translate strategy into measurable outcomes by engaging these team leaders to facilitate change.

Measurable Management® has three primary platforms it is built upon.

  1. The first platform is Leadership and Team Building. It equips leaders and supervisors with the tools they need to involve people and effectively facilitate change.
  2. The second platform is the Process Improvement portion of Measurable Management®, which will provide team leaders with the technical knowledge they need to implement change.
  3. The third platform is the practice of Implementing Improvement ideas that are directly related to the organization’s key objectives.

Measurable Management® shows your team leaders and supervisors how to cultivate a teamwork culture within your organization.

Key Objectives

Measurable Management® begins with the key issues or objectives for your organization. Senior leadership defines what top two or three key improvements they would like to see occur within the organization during the seven-month-long program. Measurable Management® empowers your team leaders to deliver measurable results within these key objectives.

Ideas For Action

Throughout the program, the team leaders will take part in work-based activities that will cause them to evaluate every aspect of their job. Through this process, they will identify areas of improvement (also known as Ideas for Action) that fall within the key objectives set forth for the program. By the end of the program, your team leaders act on these Ideas for Action and implement improvement projects that will deliver measurable results.

Continuous Improvement

Measurable Management® sets the framework for continuous improvement by transferring skills and knowledge and enables your team leaders to translate organizational strategies into real, measurable outcomes.

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